Anker 14 Watt Portable Solar Charger

In my book, the main character uses this same device to repeatedly charge his cellphone while traveling on foot.  How do I know it works?  Because I own one and I’ve tried it out myself.  More variations on this device are becoming available each day and they will only get lighter and more powerful as the technology is improved.

Photo Aug 05, 5 01 45 PM

If I’m in the backcountry, or even if I’m just camping away from a vehicle, this device will charge my cellphone.  It’s not as fast as a wall or car charger, but it works everywhere.  Opened it’s nearly three feet long and around eleven inches wide.  It weighs 27.9 oz so it’s not exactly ultralight, but the ability to communicate is one of your primary safety tools.  The grommet holes allow it to be attached to your backpack with carabiners so you can stow your phone in your pack, run a cord to one the two USB ports on the charger, and you can charge while you’re on the trail.

Photo Aug 05, 5 01 20 PM

Photo Aug 05, 5 02 10 PM


You can read about the  device on Anker’s website.  You can also buy it for around $50 right now on Amazon.  While this device may seem like a luxury, what’s it worth to communicate with your family during a disaster?

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