Anker PowerCore Portable Battery Bank


One of my biggest gripes about portable solar gear is if the panel is small and light, it charges slow.  If it’s of substantial size to charge at a decent pace, then it’s big and heavy.  I’ve used the Anker solar setup for several years and it’s worked well but it’s around 2 lbs.

Remember:  Pounds = Pain



So for my EDC (Every Day Carry) to work and for my short 1-3 night backpacking trips, I’ve moved toward this Anker rechargeable battery bank.  It charges in a USB port so you can charge it at home or in the vehicle.  It will charge my iPhone about seven times.

Your phone is a primary tool in preparedness.  Even if you’re comfortable disconnected from the world, it’s comforting to be able to check on your family and make sure they’re safe.

These run about $40 on Amazon and they’re a little over 12 oz, less than half of the solar panel.

[amazon asin=B00X5RV14Y&template=iframe image]





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