After a summer of writing, editing, and the other mechanics of publication, ASHES OF THE UNSPEAKABLE is finally available.  The paperback and ebook came out yesterday on Amazon.  The review process takes a little longer now than it did last time so even though Kevin Pierce and I finalized the audiobook on October 1, it still hasn’t been approve for release.  Hopefully by next week those of you who enjoy audiobooks will be able to start reading it.

I’ve enjoyed hearing from those of you who had to read it the first day it was available, including the friend who stayed up all night after it materialized from pre-order onto her kindle and the other friend who took the day off work yesterday to read it.  So far reaction has been good.  I felt like this was a stronger book than the first and I hope you enjoy it, too.

Will there be a third book in this series?



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