Book Three Is A Wrap


I’m excited to announce that I’ve finished Book Three of The Borrowed World Series.  I hope to have it edited this month and available toward the end of March.

This series is followed by a diverse group and they all enjoy different aspects of the books.  I hope there’s something here that appeals to everyone who liked the last two books.

I don’t want to reveal a lot, but I will say that this book picks up on Gary’s story and Alice’s story, which a lot of you have asked about.  Jim’s family is not left out, though, and there’s plenty of drama still going on in his valley.  There’s also a lot of the gritty, the terrifying, and the slightly disturbing elements that I enjoy writing.

As soon as we have a cover, I’ll share that and the title with you.

Thanks for the emails and the support.

Most of all, thanks for reading.


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