Borrowed World 8

Blood and Banjos, the 8th book in The Borrowed World Series is out there now in all formats. This is a chunky one. Over 420 pages in paperback and nearly 12 hours in audio. The link below will take you to Amazon if you’ve not picked up the book yet.

What’s next, you ask?

I’ve finished the second Ty Stone book, the sequel to Hard Trauma and I might be able to get this one out before Christmas. If you’ve not read this series, I encourage you to give it a shot. I’ve received tons of positive feedback on the accurate portrayal of PTSD. That’s resulted in a strong following for this book among veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.

This second book in the series, Child With No Name, takes Ty Stone to new places and reveals a lot about where this series is going in the future. This series takes a lot of the grit, action, and dark imagery of my post-apocalyptic books and sets them in a modern thriller.

Beyond that, I should have a new Mad Mick, the 5th in the series, coming in February. I’ll tell you more as we get closer.


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