Labor Day Update



It’s Labor Day and I spent some of it revising the manuscript for the second book in THE BORROWED WORLD series.  It was in the editor’s lap for a week before she tossed it back to me.  Now it’s my turn to review her suggestions and toss the draft back at her.  There were no major problems so I think this will be an easy turnaround.  Everything is happening a little ahead of schedule, which is a great thing.  We should be perfectly on track for an October release.

Deranged Doctor Design has worked diligently on the cover and I think we may be ready to reveal the cover and title this week if all goes well.  I’m also working to prepare the book for pre-order.  There’s still a few things that have to be done to get the book out, but all those things are happening and I think you’ll be pleased with the result.

It’s difficult for me to predict the reaction of readers, but my opinion is that this book will be better than the first.  I hope this month moves quickly and that the book is in your hands by this time next month.


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