The Audiobook Lives


I love audiobooks because they allow me to experience more books than I can read in the conventional manner.  I can only sit and read so long each day, but if I expand my “reading” time to include driving, mowing, bicycling, walking, and any other task I can do while wearing an iPod, then I can cover way more books.

For this very reason I am very excited that the audiobook of THE BORROWED WORLD is now available.  Kevin Pierce did an absolutely incredible job of capturing the tone of the book and the nuance of the dialogue.  He completely “got it” – he knew where I was going and he took the audio there.  If any of you have listened to Glen Tate’s 299 DAYS series, you’ll immediately recognize Kevin Pierce’s narration.

It’s available on Amazon, you can get it through if that’s your venue of choice, and if you can download it through iTunes.

Thanks for reading and continue to stay tuned for the next installment.  Cover design will be starting soon and I’ll unveil that here as we get closer.

Franklin Horton


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